André de Oliveira Paiva was born in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, in 1974.


Began his career in photography in 1994 in a private course of black and white photography.


In 1995 he started the college of Fine Arts at UDESC (State University of Santa Catarina ). In 2001 his academic concludes by presenting the monography: "The district of the saco dos Limões - A photographic study of urban visual memory." Since 2002, moved to Barcelona - Spain, where he specialized in the Institut d `Estudis fotogràfics de Catalunya. In 2004, back to the island, continues with his authoral work.


"My images are on the searching. apparently it seems a search outside ... looking for things and places that connect us with our time and our world. But in essence, is similar to an investigation of our physical world and relate to our inner world ... which could allow a look beyond the evidence ... the moments of illusory reality, the intangibility, the concrete, the ephemeral. The image becomes a survey of perception and meaning: human need of all the other answers. This is an archaeological work ... is fragments that, when combined, evoke suggestions, impressions, pleasure, and more questions ... "